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About ELMS

As private sector employers are not finding the right skilled labours, there is a gap between employer demand and supply of skilled labour / human resources capable of being employed in the country. In this context, establishing an Employer led Labour Market Secretariat (ELMS) project has been commenced to intervene within the gap between the demand of skilled labour by private employer organizations and the supply of skilled trained labour/ human resources in the country.
ELMS project is jointly implemented by five employer associations for the first time ever in the history of Nepal. This project is funded by European Union, managed by British Council and supported by Dakchyata TVET Practical Partnership.

Major Activities of the Project

Formulate National Standard Classification of Occupation in Nepal (NSCO) in Nepal.

Develop labour market information system in Nepal.

Provide necessary information for formulating policies and programs related to technical education and vocational training based on the demand of the skilled human resources of employers and contribute to its development.

Changing perceptions

The project Establishing an Employer led Labour Market Secretariat ELMS project was launched in Kathmandu on 23 November 2020 among a ceremony in presence of high level dignitaries from donors, implementing partners, and FNCCI.

ELMS: Employer led Labour Market Secretariat is a skills development program, that will address the problems faced by the industrial business sector in the country due to lack of necessary data and information related to the labor market. The project will work to develop a labor market data system. Through the project, Occupational Classification Standard and labour market information system will be developed. The project will be implemented in the fields of agriculture, construction, and tourism sector.

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