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Agriculture Sector


1. Herbal Farm Technician Level – 2 : Needed to provide care and management herbal plant and needed to domesticate and produce wild herbs and medicinal plants.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Processor Level – 2 : It is multi task occupation needed to process both vegetable and fruits. Needed to preserve and process surplus vegetable and fruits to reduce farmers loss. 

3. Agriculture Farm Technician Level – 2 : It is civil agriculture farm worker. It is also multi task performer. Needed for the all types of agricultural farm activities.

4. Nursery & Landscape Technician / Gardener Level – 2 : These are multi task performer to raise nursery and floriculture and land scape. Needed to provide care and management of nursery. Needed to propagate horticultural and ornamental flowers and plants. Are also equally useful for beautification of topography and landscaping. 

5. Dairy Processor Level – 3 : Dairy is a big industry in Nepal. Needed to prepare all types of milk products and diversification of milk products. It is essential to save surplus milk and convert it to the value added products. 

6. Natural Fiber and Lump Crafter Level – 2 : Needed multi task worker for all types of natural fiber and lump crafting. Needed to domesticate commercial fiber plant, their cultivation practices. Perform extraction of fiber, preservation, packaging and marketing of natural fiber. 

7. Organic Certification Local Inspector Level – 3 : Needed to certify agricultural organic products. This type of experts are scarce. Nepal and it is new occupation in our context. Till now invited in high cost from outside the country. 

8. Fishery Technician Level – 2 : Fishery is a big business in Nepal and fishery technicians are hard to find in the market. In order to reduce the trade loss, and to reduce import of fish, fish production is essential. 

9. Tea Processor Level – 2 : Needed to process tea. Multi task performer are not found in the labour market. Short training course for tea processing is found. Separately NOSS tea processor are found but hasn’t met the requirement.

10. Livestock Farm Technician Level – 2 : Needed multi task worker to provide care, management of livestock. Prepared to commercial production of all types of livestock and birds. 

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