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Construction Sector


Construction Lab Technician Level – 3 : It is a new occupation. Needed to verify the content and the quality of construction materials against the specification provided. Till now OP/ NOSS and academic courses are not found in the system. This is multi task occupation.

Site Supervisor Level – 2 (Civil Overseer) : This is a multitask occupation requiring technical knowledge.  Needed for monitoring and supervising day to day construction works and labor performance at the site to achieve quality work in given time period. OP is available and Academic course of TSLC level is available.

Electrician Level – 2 : It is a multitask worker in construction site. Needed for maintaining safe electrical system at construction site and prevent accident from electricity. Needed to ensure the wiring, lighting and electrical components are as per code and work efficiently and safely. Separate NOSS are available for building and industrial electrician L-2.

Batching Plant Operator Level – 2 : This is a new occupation title and needed for high production with quality finishing works thus by increasing work efficiency and time effectiveness. The OSS and NOSS are not found in the system. It is also scarce in the labour market. These are useful workers in different construction sub-sectors.

Excavator Operator Level – 2 : There is a scarcity of this human resource in the labor market and needed to increase the productivity, save time, reduce cost in repair and maintenance of excavators at site.  The infrastructures projects has a high demand of skilled excavator operators. NOSS is available in the system.

Welder Level – 2 : As the new technologies is being introduced, use of wood in construction is replaced by metals/ steel like black pipes, square pipes, and stainless steels.  So this occupation is needed for not only fabricating new steel structures but also for general repair and maintenance of basic tools, heavy equipment and plants. 

Scaffolder Level – 2 : New technologies are emerging and new materials like aluminum, tubular pipes etc. are in use for scaffolding. This type of workers uses special and right techniques and technologies during scaffolding and prevent from accident. Scaffolder (Bamboo-Timber OSS L-1), (Scaffolder –Tubular OSS L-1) are available.

Carpentry and Interior Decorator Level – 2 : In change context, there is an increasing trend of using wood carvings for interior decoration. The Carpenters not only places form work before concrete casting but also makes furniture and wood carvings with new designs and technologies. Carpenters with additional skills in wood carving are highly demanded in the labor market. OP L-2, Construction carpenter OSS L-2, Furniture maker OSS L-2 are available.

Aluminum Fabricator Level – 2 : There is an extensive use of aluminum in the change context. The worker in this field selects the right sections as per specification and fabricates the elements. They deliver quality works in short time period. OP L-2 is available. It is mostly required in Building construction and bridge construction sub-sector.

Plumber Level – 2 : It is a multitask worker  and needed for selecting right material for water supply, waste water and drainage pipe connection; selecting right fittings and suggests accessories for hot and cold water systems; and fixing sanitary apparatus as per drawing. It is needed to connect pipelines, install hot and cold water supply and drainage system in private and public buildings. It is also required for repairing and maintenance work. NOSS L-2 is available. There is a high demand in building construction, water supply and sanitation and irrigation sub sectors.

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