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Construction Sector


Construction Lab Technician Level – 3 : It is a new occupation. Needed to verify the content and the quality of construction materials against the specification provided. Till now OP/ NOSS and academic courses are not found in the system. This is multi task occupation.

Site Supervisor Level – 2 (Civil Overseer) : This is a multitask occupation requiring technical knowledge.  Needed for monitoring and supervising day to day construction works and labor performance at the site to achieve quality work in given time period. OP is available and Academic course of TSLC level is available.

Electrician Level – 2 : It is a multitask worker in construction site. Needed for maintaining safe electrical system at construction site and prevent accident from electricity. Needed to ensure the wiring, lighting and electrical components are as per code and work efficiently and safely. Separate NOSS are available for building and industrial electrician L-2.

Batching Plant Operator Level – 2 : This is a new occupation title and needed for high production with quality finishing works thus by increasing work efficiency and time effectiveness. The OSS and NOSS are not found in the system. It is also scarce in the labour market. These are useful workers in different construction sub-sectors.

Excavator Operator Level – 2 : There is a scarcity of this human resource in the labor market and needed to increase the productivity, save time, reduce cost in repair and maintenance of excavators at site.  The infrastructures projects has a high demand of skilled excavator operators. NOSS is available in the system.

Welder Level – 2 : As the new technologies is being introduced, use of wood in construction is replaced by metals/ steel like black pipes, square pipes, and stainless steels.  So this occupation is needed for not only fabricating new steel structures but also for general repair and maintenance of basic tools, heavy equipment and plants. 

Scaffolder Level – 2 : New technologies are emerging and new materials like aluminum, tubular pipes etc. are in use for scaffolding. This type of workers uses special and right techniques and technologies during scaffolding and prevent from accident. Scaffolder (Bamboo-Timber OSS L-1), (Scaffolder –Tubular OSS L-1) are available.

Carpentry and Interior Decorator Level – 2 : In change context, there is an increasing trend of using wood carvings for interior decoration. The Carpenters not only places form work before concrete casting but also makes furniture and wood carvings with new designs and technologies. Carpenters with additional skills in wood carving are highly demanded in the labor market. OP L-2, Construction carpenter OSS L-2, Furniture maker OSS L-2 are available.

Aluminum Fabricator Level – 2 : There is an extensive use of aluminum in the change context. The worker in this field selects the right sections as per specification and fabricates the elements. They deliver quality works in short time period. OP L-2 is available. It is mostly required in Building construction and bridge construction sub-sector.

Plumber Level – 2 : It is a multitask worker  and needed for selecting right material for water supply, waste water and drainage pipe connection; selecting right fittings and suggests accessories for hot and cold water systems; and fixing sanitary apparatus as per drawing. It is needed to connect pipelines, install hot and cold water supply and drainage system in private and public buildings. It is also required for repairing and maintenance work. NOSS L-2 is available. There is a high demand in building construction, water supply and sanitation and irrigation sub sectors.

Agriculture Sector


1. Herbal Farm Technician Level – 2 : Needed to provide care and management herbal plant and needed to domesticate and produce wild herbs and medicinal plants.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Processor Level – 2 : It is multi task occupation needed to process both vegetable and fruits. Needed to preserve and process surplus vegetable and fruits to reduce farmers loss. 

3. Agriculture Farm Technician Level – 2 : It is civil agriculture farm worker. It is also multi task performer. Needed for the all types of agricultural farm activities.

4. Nursery & Landscape Technician / Gardener Level – 2 : These are multi task performer to raise nursery and floriculture and land scape. Needed to provide care and management of nursery. Needed to propagate horticultural and ornamental flowers and plants. Are also equally useful for beautification of topography and landscaping. 

5. Dairy Processor Level – 3 : Dairy is a big industry in Nepal. Needed to prepare all types of milk products and diversification of milk products. It is essential to save surplus milk and convert it to the value added products. 

6. Natural Fiber and Lump Crafter Level – 2 : Needed multi task worker for all types of natural fiber and lump crafting. Needed to domesticate commercial fiber plant, their cultivation practices. Perform extraction of fiber, preservation, packaging and marketing of natural fiber. 

7. Organic Certification Local Inspector Level – 3 : Needed to certify agricultural organic products. This type of experts are scarce. Nepal and it is new occupation in our context. Till now invited in high cost from outside the country. 

8. Fishery Technician Level – 2 : Fishery is a big business in Nepal and fishery technicians are hard to find in the market. In order to reduce the trade loss, and to reduce import of fish, fish production is essential. 

9. Tea Processor Level – 2 : Needed to process tea. Multi task performer are not found in the labour market. Short training course for tea processing is found. Separately NOSS tea processor are found but hasn’t met the requirement.

10. Livestock Farm Technician Level – 2 : Needed multi task worker to provide care, management of livestock. Prepared to commercial production of all types of livestock and birds. 

Tourism Sector


1. Hotel Maintenance Technician  Level-2 (Assistant Hotel Maintenance Technician) : Hotel Maintenance Technician keep all equipment in good repair with a minimum of downtime by providing day-to-day maintenance of the large, medium, small hotels, homestays, resorts, family run lodges. Carryout Complete maintenance work i.e. Electrical, Plumbing, Air conditioning, carpentry, masonry, painting on a timely basis by following hotel’s standard operating procedures.)

2. Inn-Keeper Level-2 (General Hotel Management Technician) : (Inn-Keepers are responsible for keeping the smooth operation of their establishments efficient and profitable. Their roles vary depending on the size and type of Inn, hotel, bed & breakfast, lodges, homestays & small and family run hotels. This involves greet & interact with the guests, managing staffs, greet guests, check in and out guests, make and serve breakfast, clean rooms, answer phone calls, reply to emails, maintain hotel and guest account and make sure that all aspects of the guest’s stay are satisfactory.

3. Trekking Guide Level-2 (Assistant Trekking Guide) : Trekking Guides are responsible for the day to day itinerary, safety, education and entertainment of the tourist group. They are expected to work to a high level of customer service in line with company standards.

4. Tourist Guide Level-3 (Assistant Tourist Guide) : Tour guides work in the travel industry, giving guided tours to groups of visitors. They are experts on the history of the location and offer their tour groups interesting or enlightening information about points of interest at nature attractions, historic sites, museums, scenic locations, and other travel destinations. Guides may give walking tours, bus tours, or even lead river tours on a boat. Often hired by visitors’ bureaus or travel companies, tour guides are typically residents of the region in which they give tours.

5. Tourist Vehicle Driver Level-2 (Assistant Technician) : Tourist Vehicle Driver accompany tourist right from gateway until their departure. They welcome, greet the guests, load unload guest’s luggage, provide safety information, maintain and clean tourist vehicle, liaise with concerned stake holders to make memorable visit of the tourists.

6. Nepalese Cuisine Cook Level-2 : Cook are the mainstay of the food service industry. They work in different types of kitchen settings where their main task is to plan and cook different types of food. They usually work in places like restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, cafeterias and other food-serving establishments. In other words a cook is someone whose responsibility it is to prepare and cook various appetizers, entrees and desserts of varieties of national, international, regional & ethnical cuisine; to ensure the ingredients used are fresh; to make sure the work area is clean; and to have any necessary equipment readily available. Cooks prepare and follow recipes, mix ingredients, and prepare many types of foods, using various cooking methods, such as frying, braising, steaming, baking and broiling.

7. Climbing Guide Level-2 (Assistant Climbing Guide) : Climbing Guide is a trained professional mountaineer who guides climbers (trekkers) above 5500 Meter up in a mountain. Climbing Guide also assist the climbing party with recruitment of porters and other staff, control of porters, local purchase of food. Climbing Guide is to solve any problem that may arise to the best of his ability while ensuring that the climbers are following with specified rout. They also ensuring proper disposal of waste materials and compliance of terms of their permit including safety of the climbers (trekkers).

8. Rafting Guide Level-2 (Assistant Rafting Guide) : Rafting Guides meet and greet guests, load and prepare rafts, execute crash courses in rafting, give safety speeches and most importantly lead a safe and fun rafting trip. Some rafting trips can be overnight, so a rafting guide must have wilderness skills and know the terrain in the area. They are also responsible for the day to day itinerary, safety, education and entertainment of the guests.)

9. Assistant Airlines Maintenance Technician  Level-3 : Airlines Maintenance Technician assist aeronautic engineers and carry out regular maintenance, defect rectification, aircraft avionics, electrical, electronic equipment, instrument maintenance, and base maintenance.

10. Spa & Wellness Masseuse Level-2 (Assistant Spa & Wellness Massage Therapist) : Spa & Wellness Masseuse massages customers and administers other body conditioning treatments for hygienic or remedial purposes: Applies alcohol, lubricants, or other rubbing compounds. Massages body, using such techniques as kneading, rubbing, and stroking flesh, to stimulate blood circulation, relax contracted muscles, facilitate elimination of waste matter, or to relieve other conditions, using hands or vibrating equipment.